About Us

About Us

Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) is a charity delivering professional pre-hospital A&E care directly to the site of emergencies throughout Ireland.

Volunteer doctors

Volunteer Doctors

Since 2008, ICRR has been developing a network of over 200 volunteer doctors throughout Ireland who can be called on to deliver critical medical interventions within “the golden hour,” meaning the time period during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent serious injury or death. ICRR has over 235 Volunteer Doctors responding in their communities in 2019.

Rapid Response Vehicles

Rapid Response Vehicles

ICRR has ten Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV’s) nationwide that are National Ambulance Service assets and complement the existing National Ambulance Service model. The voluntary doctors are tasked via 999/112 call dispatchers at the National Emergency Operations Centre, and when available, they attend serious life threatening emergencies in their own locality either on foot or in their own vehicles.

Air Ambulance

Building on our experience and success we aim to provide Ireland’s first dedicated charity funded helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS). Based out of North Cork, ICRR’s Community Air Ambulance will be an asset of the National Ambulance Service and will respond to serious trauma and medical emergencies when tasked. We will offer a vital lifesaving service, offering fast access to advanced clinical interventions at the roadside by highly trained pre-hospital emergency care medical personnel. Most critically, the Community Air Ambulance can bring the casualty to the hospital that best suits their life saving needs, not just the closest geographically.The ICRR Community Air Ambulance will be airborne in 2019!

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