Friends of the Air Ambulance

Friends of the Air Ambulance

Be a link on the Chain of Survival; join our lifesaving community today and help support our next lifesaving mission!

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What does it mean to ICRR?


By becoming a Friend of the Air Ambulance , you’re becoming a vital link the Chain of Survival.  Each day we respond to time critical emergencies, all through the support of people across Ireland.

Our Air Ambulance can fly further and for longer with your support.  We need to pay for the helicopter, the fuel, the hangarage, the pilots and all the bits and pieces that go into making the ICRR Air Ambulance possible.   Each mission costs approximately €3,500.

Your support will enable us to continue developing our ground services.   We hope to increase our number of Rapid Response Vehicles throughout Ireland in the coming years, ensuring everyone in ireland will have access to emergency pre-hospital care at the right time.


What does it cost me?

You can become a Friend of the Air Ambulance from €10 per month, that’s less than the price of a coffee per week! You’re free to regularly donate what you can, every euro makes a difference. If your donation is over €250 per year, we can claim tax relief which will enable your donation to give €362 to us (see here for more details).


What’s in it for me?


Our Air Ambulance and Rapid Response Vehicles respond to a variety of emergency calls daily. The most common call outs include cardiac arrests, farming accidents, road traffic collisions, work-place accidents, equestrian related accidents and falls from heights.  We respond to the calls through the National Ambulance Service’s 999/112 call centre in Dublin.

It is well documented that rapid access to pre-hospital emergency care can make the difference between life and death. By supporting the ICRR services you are improving timely access to emergency medical care, not just for you, your family and your community, but for people right across Ireland. You are increasing everyone’s chance of survival.


Your ICRR membership also gives you:


A quarterly online newsletter – find out what’s going on with ICRR straight into your inbox

An invite to a members only event, held once a year at the Air Ambulance base in North Cork. (postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19)

An Air Ambulance Car Sticker




Terms and Conditions:

ICRR membership can be stopped at any time by emailing   Please opt-in to receiving postal, email and telephone contact from ICRR to ensure that newsletters and invitations to events can be received.






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